For after school pick up or summer camp please call 850-348-6651.

For evening mini dragon, youth, or adult martial arts classes please call 850-248-0999.

Call 248-0999

We also have seasonal programs!
We have our spring camp, fall camp, and winter camp.

You can sign up for:

.Spring break camp March 20 - 24th 

.Fall camp during Thanksgiving

.Winter camp during Christmas

Come and try one of our wonderful programs and your child will have fun, find focus, and be motivated to achieve their very best!

All after school pick up students get a special rate. 
Ask us about our after school pick up program!  It’s a blast!

​​​Summer Training Program!
Your child will have fun and be motivated at our very special Ninja/Superhero themed summer program. This is a very special summer program! In Our Very Special & Fun Ninja/Superhero Summer Training Program!

Not only will your child train in incredible martial arts techniques…….
There will also be:

.Ninja/Superhero themed games
.Ninja/Superhero themed martial arts training
.Ninja/Superhero movies, like Ninja Turtles

Every other Thursday a visit from our local police dept. with Ninja/Superhero safety lessons like:

.Stranger Danger
.Bicycle Safety
.And Much Much MORE!!!!!!

  • Fun training and ice cream truck Friday
  • Free Uniform! Sign up for four weeks and get a FREE uniform!
  • Free Classes! Sign up for summer camp classes and get FREE regular evening classes!
  • State-of-the-Art! We have a 5000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility for your child!
  • Sign up one week at a time! You can sign up for every week, every other week or you can pick and choose the weeks that work best for your schedule!
  • One-Day Drop Off! Can't make it for the entire week but find that you have a busy work day? No problem! You can drop your children off for one day at only $25 a day and they can still enjoy the wonder that is Dragon Dojo's Summer Camp!
  • Fun, Focus, Motivate & Create! Come and enjoy this unique summer experience that will spark a lifetime of memories for your children!

Dragon Dojo Superhero Ninja summer camp!!!! Sign up for 4 weeks and get a free uniform, free beginners belt, free membership patch, free beginners manual, free foam covered nunchucks and early bird special weekly rate!!! Martial art classes every day! Stranger danger and bully safety, movie and award days, last day of summer carnival and much, much more! No contract! No late pick up fees! Flexible schedule! Superhero Summer Training Program Starts June 5th and runs through the complete summer. From 7AM till 5:00PM! Come join in all the fun!!!!!