Sensei Raiff 

Professional wrestler and musician Chris Jericho receives the path of Waiest Qigong from Dorje.

Dragon Dojo's skillful staff helps to support our black belt team in making your Dragon Dojo experience a wonderful one. They are a big reason why we are Bay County’s Top Martial Art School! 

Shihan Jarad ~ Master Instructor ~ Dojo Manager

Shihan Chris ~ Master Instructor  ~ Dojo Owner 

Sensei James 

 Sensei Chuck 

Sensei Susan Wiest ~ Chief Instructor ~ Dojo Founder

Dragon Dojo ensures we have enough instructors so all of our students get personal attention. You can be sure that the whole family will find a new mentor in life, and will find that all of the Dragon Dojo Black Belt Instructors support each student’s personal goals.

Dorje & Tony Stewart honorary Dragon Dojo member 

The Founder ~ Dorje was the personal student of the Chi Monk, Reverend Grand Master Raiford and is the heir to his system after his passing. Dorje holds black belts in, Judo, Ninjutsu, Wado Ryu, Taekwondo, and is an ordained Chi Monk trained in the art of Qigong & Dim Max.  After many years of training with other martial artists, gurus, and monks from around the world Dorje developed and founded the Uke Ki Shin Ryu™ system of martial arts and the Waiest® Qigong system of mental discipline and chi training, which has become a world recognized form of study. The title “Dorje” means thunderbolt of enlightenment, as in an awakening and is the head of our system of training. Dorje holds certificates in Mikkyo and various other philosophical studies. He is also a Certified Natural Health Specialist. Dorje has touched the lives of many people. His goal is not to teach people how to fight but how to defend themselves and to learn confidence and life skills that will help his students succeed in an ever-more challenging world.  He tells his students that their mind is their most effective weapon and the disciplined mind is the sword of the new day.

Dorje with his teachers & brother monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery 

Introducing Our Black Belt Instructors!

We take great PRIDE in our Dragon Dojo Black Belt Instructors. All of our Black Belt Instructors have trained with us since they were White Belt beginners!

Our Black Belt Instructors are constantly learning the latest techniques in Martial Arts education directly from Shihan Wiest (Dorje Jangbu). Dragon Dojo Instructors train regularly as if they are still “White Belts” driven to maintain their "Black Belt Excellence!"